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Here are some tips. Send yours tips in. Users may find them of interest. You could send in your comments on those listed here shown!

Tip 1

When starting to learn ProE sometimes the results of your work can be very infuriating. However, after increased usage you shall begin to tune in to Pro/E and get better results. Sadly, for most people this will come after a long period of agony. The only consolation available is that when you become good at using pro/e the vast majority of users beleive it is a fantastic package!

Tip 2

If you find a feature is failing each time you try to fix it, try a completely different approach to creating the design you wish to create. There is often several ways to create the same design. Normally there is a clear reason why the feature had failed, however occasionally the feature you wish to create may be beyond the limitations of the function you are using. Time is normally a constraint on producing work with Pro/E so look for other ways if your initial options are time consuming.

Tip 3

When producing sectional views it is sometimes useful to hide items that are not relevant to the specific detail (on the contrary too much detail can protract from the clarity of the view) Pro/E does not have a simple option to blank items. Suppressing features/parts will also suppress in other views that require the omitted detail. A good alternative is to create a spoof part that acts like a piece of paper that will cover up all items behind it. The part can be made as thin as possible and cover the whole surface of the assembly. The edge of the spoof part should touch the surfaces of the assembly so that extra lines will not be created in other elevations. Make the spoof part transparent so that it will become invisible when looked at in shaded mode.

Tip 4

When detailing a model in the drawing mode it is sometimes desirable to show some lines on the views that pro/engineer will not normally show. You can create these lines in several ways :
Create datum curves in pro/part or pro/assembly
Create cosmetic sketches in pro/part or pro/assembly
Use sketch a line in pro/detail
The above is always best avoided but it may be more efficient to carry out than creating a new part that will show a join line etc.

Tip 5

CARDINAL SINS : The following sins will result in an eternal Pro/Engineer HELL!!!

a.Creating parts in assembly.
b.Circular references.
c.Referencing unrelated geometry
d.Geom checks
e.Sketching rounds
f.Creating rounds early in model
g.Snapshotting views in detail mode
h.Overwrite dimensions
i.Creating parts without default datums

lots more... can you name some?

Note from web author :
As much as i want to get a good resource site for pro-e users. I have to admit the following is the best site by far for free engineering resources online register (for free) at ENG-TIPS.COM : (but do remember to come back to this site as it is constantly developing)